Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stormy day at the beach

It was a day of wind, rain, sunshine then rain again.
I went to Ipanema Beach and though it was empty of sun worshipers, there was still plenty to see.
I've got a ton of pics from the football as well as a sunny day at the beach but figured these would do for now.
I'm slammed over the next couple of days so will either post later tonight or wait a bit to add some commentary regarding my thoughts on the last few days.
It never got below 25 degrees Celsius but the locals were clutching their arms around themselves and shivering. The rain and wind felt warm and comforting to me in a strange way. The place has a different vibe when the sun isn't beating down. There isn't the football-volleyball or cascade of flesh (I'll post that later) but interesting none the less.
There are fewer people, but still plenty of stuff going on. I think that the atmosphere is less frenetic and as a result little vignettes emerge from the background. Maybe that's just me trying to be poetic, but I'm sure I would've missed numerous little scenes if I'd been overloaded with athletic displays and the circus of thongs and posing.
Whatever the case may be, I think I got a glimpse of something a little less obvious to the casual visitor ( a category in which I place myself).
Different but nice.
Love to all.

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