Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jess and fog

I saw my daughter on Saturday and gave her Christmas prezzies. Its a good thing I did as the arranged Sunday morning breakfast and visit never happened. As I turned the corner of her street I got the " much dreaded call" and was told she was sick.
Three hours later I threw in the towel as it appeared "plans" were not flexible enough for me to see her.
Its happened before so I really shouldn't get too worked up but I was disappointed.
If you live in the UK then you know practically the whole country was fogbound today. The 2 hours it usually takes me to get home took 4. Frustrating, but around 4 :30 it started to clear and I tried my hand at the "dramatic sunset/mist/trees shot"
Indulge me. Hmmm.
It looked a bit spookier in person.
I'm glad the forecast for tomorrow is clear as the fog would surely have grounded my flight to Belfast.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Love to all and Happy Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos :) sorry to hear about Jess :( time of year for being unwell, i realy hope you get to spend Christmas with your family ,and have a brilliant time :) Christmas wishes penny xx