Friday, December 21, 2007

The week is done. Next stop Jess in london, then Belfast and Christmas

My travel for the year isn't quite finished.
After spending the weekend with Jess in London I'm going to "attempt" a trip to Belfast for Christmas. I say attempt because the same journey last year ended in tears.
I'll get to Stanstead EARLY as BAA can't be trusted to put enough security screening staff on duty for their busiest travel day of the year.
It was INSANE last year.
Check it out here.
I'm back on the 27th and then work until the week of January 6th, then its back on the road.
I'll be in LA, SF, Vegas and NYC in January.
I'm fairly sure the weather will be crap.
I hope to finally get to the Grand Canyon but I'm not sure I can squeeze it in.
We'll see.
I'll probably post a "Merry Christmas" message though I hardly think you'll be rushing to tune in on the 25th.
I hope not for your sake anyway.
With any luck there won't be any family bust ups.
I hope everyone reading avoids the same.
Final bit of news.
My XBox 360 has melted down...I only used it 3 times.
"Middle aged man annoyed he can't play video games "
I'm sure that headline brings a tear to your eye!
Have a great weekend!
I may post a jess pic or two on Sunday and I may not.
Christ I'm still bloody tired!
Bad Santa sends his love.
Ramble complete.

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