Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Delhi

I arrived at Delhi airport around 4:45 am and stood for an hour in the chaos that is passport control. A sweaty cauldron of pushing , shoving, sweaty, bad-tempered agro.
To be honest I was beyond caring.
I get like that sometimes.
All around me are cursing and spluttering, and I become detached. Its almost like I'm observing the nonsense from outside the bubble. I think its a defence mechanism which serves me well as the stress just ebbs away.
Whatever time it takes it will take.
I arrived at the Trident Hilton which is an Oasis of calm as you can see above.
Its cold for India (low20's in the day single digits at night) and the drive from the airport was otherworldly.
People huddled around flaming oil drums, figures looming out of the misty gloom as we hurtled past horn blazing.
When I went to check in they were all ready for me and a woman did some sort of little chant with incense and pressed a little red dot of melted wax on my forehead......that was a first.
I finally got to bed at 7 (ish) and managed a few hours of snatched tossing and turning sleep.
Tomorrow I'm going to try and get up early and make a quick dash into old Delhi (the area around the Red Fort) so as to get some decent pics on what is otherwise a rammed schedule.
Stay tunedLove

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