Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm supposed to be "off" but I'm dragging my ass tired.
Why is it I can run on 4 hours a night, blow through 7 countries in 10 days and feel fine but when I'm able to get 8 hours without the b-berry I'm tired ALL the time?
How CRAP is that?
This time off thing is not what I thought it would be........


Anonymous said...

You're in such denial. You're the ultimate workaholic - an addict in every sense.

Does normal everyday life bore you?

Terry said...

jeeze that's a little harsh. I was just commenting on the fact that when you slow down the adrenalin drops off and it catches up.
Lighten up!

Anonymous said...

I agree Terry! I tend to get sick whenever I let my guard down thanks to a break in work and from the kids. It's not unusual.