Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The internet is odd

Every once and awhile my site meter throws up some odd stats.
I get a barrage of visitors from all points on earth and I struggle to draw a disernable connection either to me personally or the topic I've just posted.
Sometimes its someone who's entered a search like "saunas in Frankfurt" and when google throws up one of my posts on the results page, they come to the blog expecting something other than what they find.
They rarely ever return!
That's kind of its REALLY funny.
Google and a bunch of other search engines have indexed alot of my pictures and from time to time people arrive via Google or Yahoo images, download the pic and browse a little.
Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't.
A few have sent me emails asking about what camera I have, lenses, etc.
That's kind of nice.
Ever since I posted the picture below I've had over 90 visits via Google images.
Though I posted the entry some weeks back the visits haven't slowed down and as a result of this post they're sure to spike again.
I didn't even take the pic.

In case you're wondering the search terms they use to tag me are:

  • "Muscleman"
  • "Gay Muscles"
  • "Freak muscles"
  • "weirdo man"
  • "Vein man"
  • "Cobra back boy"

All of the above were used 5 or more times.

I pulled the pic myself from Google images.

I think its funny/odd/interesting.

You might not.

If you don't, go about your business.

The virtual world is much like the bricks and mortar world, odd at times.

That's it for today.


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