Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I'm annoyed because my next door neighbour who pays no rent, lives off the counci and taxpayer whilst making my life hell by entertaining a conveyor belt of noisy lovers at 3 AM HAS JUST HAD HER TITS DONE FOR FREE ON THE TAXPAYER'S DIME.
I guess she was depressed and needed a "lift".
Belly up to the trough and forget the homeless people sleeping on the street tonight in the pissing rain.
I don't even want to broach the subject of how my rent goes up like clockwork (like my council tax) and how she sublet her "free" apt clearing £450 a month whilst living with her mother.
I'm about to pay 50% tax on a bonus I earned by sacrificing my time, health and life.
Be happy with what good comes your way.
(Or maybe consider being a single mother with a "pepsi" habit and hit the lay-about jackpot)


sarah_500 said...

There are always going to be people that know how to play the system, and it pisses off many people.

However in today's world of obsession with appearance and celebrity I am sure there are those who truly believe that life really isn't worth living unless they look (& act) like Jordan. I can't help but feel some pity for your neighbour.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a boob job on the NHS as well, the difference between your neighbour and me is that that they are removing one of them altogether...
(No need to signt this you know where it is coming from)

Terry said...

That's a completely different scenerio....My thoughts are with you.....

David said...

Take heart Terry! It's like that in every country. My bonus is taxed at 52%.

Anonymous said...

?? How do you know your neighbour got her tits done ! i work on a ward that carrys out the opperations your anonymous follower is having and these ladies are great !! in spirit and courage, you also will find these sentiments, with the right care, which is what my ward gives :) this does not belittle the men of this world , with there own fights . keep looking forward Anonymous , penny :)

Anonymous said...

Can't really believe that. Did she actually tell you she had them done on the NHS?

if so that's a story to be told

Anonymous said...

Amazzed !! how many people have commented on your neighbours bosom , i bet she would be very impressed LOL penny x