Saturday, February 09, 2008


How in heaven's name did I have a part in creating my lovely daughter?
Actually I remember "how", but you know what I mean.
She is such a soft little soul.
We had dinner last night and spent the day together, and its impossible to put into words how delightful she is.
From her solemn pronouncements on saving energy (to save the whales), to her giggles which threaten to carry her away when she says/spots/thinks of something funny.
At this age there's no guile, just a sprinkling of naughtiness.
Its an innocence which won't last but man.....its such a wonderful thing to be a part of.

As I write I'm sitting in the Emirates lounge at Heathrow steeling myself for an overnight flight to Dubai.
Just another Saturday night huh?
I hope your weekend ends up as nicely as mine began.


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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Jess reads your blog ,? if she didnt , she will have a wonderful book about your life to read :) something she will be proud of her dad doing in between , the oohh !!dad!! your realy imbarrasing !! but she will love you for it :)as mine have done penny x