Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back in Berlin

I flew into Berlin late last night and leave tomorrow at 4 :45 am.
As always it's a buzzy interesting city.
My walk this morning took me past the new holocaust memorial. It's impressive and innovative.
Interesting that the German army sends new recruits to visit.
East Berlin is by far the most interesting part of the city.
The architecture and vibe are different.
All the building and renovation which happened post unification hasn't resulted in the mass influx of banks and industry envisioned by the government. The creative industries have arrived in force and at prices half of that in Frankfurt, its a great deal.
Artists, squatters and hippy-dippy layabouts have also made the city their homeMy colleague and I came across a Spanish film crew making a program about a Cuban "artist" squatter.
Amazing to be in the presence of GENIUS......
Back to the UK tomorrow, weekend with Jess and RIO overnight on Sunday.
Love to all.

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Kjell Tjensvoll said...

Great pics Terry. Leaving for China today, feeling inspired to shoot lots of pictures!