Friday, March 28, 2008

On the road again.....

This is a bloody long one:
NYC, Toronto, Phoenix, Dubai and finally Oman.
It'll be the better part of 3 weeks.
Back for 4 days then Iran ( that's the one I'm actually looking forward too!).
Be good and stay tuned.


sarah_500 said...

On the global treadmill again! Find some time to relax if possible, I know your schedule is hectic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry lucky you :) my children are off abroad for a hoilday, with there dad, and this is lovely, maybe one day soon your Jess will be able to travel with you :) then your traveling will be a delight , for both of you xx penny

Anonymous said...

Hey Ter hope you travel well and get some down time in the middle of it all. Do you believe me now about the snow in TO and the NA time change ?? Hope you have a safe trip - don't wear those fight socks !!! Look forward to talking to you upon your return to the godfosaken UK -throw a snow ball in Canada for me ! take it easy big bro love ya sara xoxox