Thursday, March 27, 2008

Terminal 5 opened today at Heathrow. A £4.3 Billion Farce

The BAA Farce continues.
The message is clear:
Don't fly British Airways.
Don't fly into or out of Heathrow.
Thank god you don't live in the UK or need to fly in or out of London.
Imagine going on a long haul flight, arriving at the airport and being told "hand luggage only"
The £28 million luggage system, despite months of testing doesn't work.
The misery continues.
The Brits couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
By Sky News SkyNews - 22 minutes ago
'Gateway To Britain' Loose At The Hinges'
British Airways has announced that almost all departures from Heathrow's new Terminal 5 for the remainder of the day are limited to those passengers with hand luggage only.
It follows a day of major disruptions at the much-heralded terminal, dubbed the "Gateway to Britain" by Her Majesty
the Queen at its recent unveiling.
35 outgoing and 28 incoming flights have been cancelled and all baggage check-in suspended during a day of chaos.
British Airways Director of Operations Gareth Kirkwood apologised in a statement for the "short term difficulties" and announced that those with more luggage could seek a refund for their planned flights.
Sky sources believe hold luggage has been allowed on some long haul flights as BA attempt to resolve the travel trouble.
Passengers unable to travel have been asked to find their own hotels, with some reporting they have been given a promise of full compensation from the
Earlier, the Department of
Transport said it "expects BA and BAA to work hard to resolve these issues and limit disruption to passengers."
Broken backage belts, halted lifts and grounded planes due to unexplained "problems" have made a mockery of BA promises of a "seamless and updated" flying experience at T5, said to be queue- and hassle-free.
Passengers have also expressed anger at the handling of the problems on the ground as staff struggled to communicate or cope with the demands of the £4.3bn building.
Sky News reporter Katie Stallard said: "It is rapidly becoming a pretty shambolic situation.
"Baggage belts have broken and passengers are now being asked to manually check-in in their bags."


This is what happens when you give a private company a monopoly.

Thank God I fly out of Luton on Saturday (one of the few non-BAA airports in the UK.)



Pissed off at the airport said...

i just came across this blog and post. I've waited 4 hours for my bags on a flight in from JoBerg and I've given up.
No one will give me any information.
A BA customer "service" rep threatened to call the police and have a passenger arrested if they didn't stop complaining.
No water, no food and crowds of angry people. Africa is better organised.
Nice building
Too bad its not an airport of any description.

sister sara said...

Well the Irish could not organise a piss up in a brewery as far as airports are concerned waited 1 hr to get my luggage - one small plane of people - one passport checker girl - what we need is a few North americans to simply show them how easily it can be done - the mind boggles - in NI they don't even know how to orgnise waitresses to have sections in small restraunts !! Why oh why do I live in the UK