Sunday, March 02, 2008

Random pics

Kind of like me yesterday.
After yesterday's silliness I set about getting my stuff in order and did a bit of housekeeping. I finally loaded up pictures into a digital frame I got as a gift and in so doing I realised that I have a HELL of a lot of cool snaps.
The one below ranks as my all time fave and was taken in Beirut a couple of years ago before all of the current sadness there.
It was taken with a pretty crappy camera but I think is my best.
I've loaded a ton of pics on this post, most of which have appeared on this blog before, but quite a few haven't. There's only two of yours truly, one of which is above and taken by a REAL shutterbug, my friend Manya about a month ago in Malibu.
Tell me if you can identify the where and when.
The " why" is down to my whim and the need to feel like my job doesn't own me.
I'm getting a ton of blood tests in the morning to find out if I pass muster.
Don't worry there's nothing infectious on the roster.
Good thing yesterday's syringe didn't register.
if you're concerned......
Big day for moi tomorrow though.
Wish me luck!
Now comes the random part......
Last pic of moi.
Jeeze I love the pic above.
Not Karl in Moscow.

This post has taken an ungodly amount of time to put up and it's mostly recycled stuff.
Go figure.
Looking at the pictures I find myself reliving a lot of memories.
Sometimes, sweat dripping off my nose, bad smells and a bit of worry I just clicked and made a dash.
Most of the time I was trying to carve out a bit of time to make myself feel that I didn't REALLY live my life according to schedules and spreadsheets.
Who do I think I'm kidding?
For the life of me I can't find any NYC pics other than the St Patrick's guy.
I realise I've missed out countries, cities and times spent with folks who visit the blog every morning at work with their first pre-hassle cup of java.
Some of you wish you were where I'm at instead of where you find yourselves.
Jeeze that sounds crap when I read it back....
C'est la vie.
All meant something if I bothered to snap the picture.
At the time anyway.
It amazes me that I often feel good about a picture and when I see it on the screen it fizzles away to nothing. In the the opposite way a picture that means little at the time turns into something special.
There's a great one of the Brooklyn Bridge somewhere in the files and folders on this laptop.....
Wherever you are and whatever the reason you come here to see what I'm doing, be good if you can.
Be prudent if you can't.
Peace to the world and do a big collective "HUMMMMMMMM!"
Try and make your own corner of the world a better place if only for yourself.
Why ever

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous pics :) how could they not please penny x