Friday, March 14, 2008

Sometimes the cops achieve miracles. Maybe there is a God afterall.

Today is a VERY good day.
Maybe God exists.
A little girl missing since February 9th has been found alive under a mile from her home!!!
Nine years old.
I hope that one day she'll get over her ordeal, and I'm sure that there's a ton of stuff for her to work through.
Like everyone else, I shuddered when I heard the news of her abduction and watched with a mixture of sympathy and sorrow at what I thought were the false hopes manifested by the fervent proclamations from her family that she was still alive. As time went on and the media interest waned, the whole thing slipped from my consciousness.
Thank God for cops who don't give up.
Read about it here.
I'm smiling from ear to ear.
Tomorrow I see my own beautiful daughter.
I fly to RIO early Sunday morning.
Everyone reading this should remember how hope can always prove to be, above all odds, something worth clinging too.
I feel damn good!!!!!!!
Love to all

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sarah_500 said...

How is it that you always manage to strike a chord? the things that you think but can never verbalise are there in black and white.

BTW thanks.