Monday, May 05, 2008

Bank Holiday weekend

I had a really eventful weekend this bank holiday. After going to a wedding on Friday, I spent Saturday and Sunday with Jess. I've been trying to do different things with her the last few visits as we seemed to have developed a routine of wandering around Wimbledon town center, Pizza, toy stores etc.
Little girls need more than that.
Their 8 year old brains tend to be always on the move, looking for new things to giggle over.
We went to Covent Garden and she (as did I) had a ball. First off, hats off to Sarah, who was a real star. Jess likes to hang with other girls cause there are some things daddies just don't understand. Before I get into Covent Garden, my daughter, so used to seeing her dad clicking away, had a request to take the controls herself.......Her subject was yours truly:Not a bad little photo bug is my kid.
Boy does she like the 200mm zoom...........
The wrinkles and lines have got nowhere to hide.
Covent Garden is I'm sure, familiar to many reading this. It used to be the fruit and veg market for London hotels and restaurants. New Covent Garden Market, its successor, has moved south of the river.
It's main building is the new Opera house but to be honest I hardly notice it.
The key reasons for going are the street performers and the great people watching.

Its the variety of buskers which makes the place fun. The usual human statues and jugglers are in abundance, but there's also a mish- mash of musicians playing everything from Bob Dylan to incomprehensible reggae with a sprinkling of opera singers and string quartets thrown in for good measure. I was staggered that my kid preferred the latter to the former.
In fact it was hard to tear her away.Without exception, humor and crowd participation figure heavily in the performances. Its all really good natured and fun. The crowd runs the gamut of tourists, locals, the great and the good.The key to the place is the lack of cynicism or jaded posing.
It is what it is:
Fun and light hearted.
I used to work in the area and grew a bit fed up with the crowds and touristy vibe. I've got to say that on Saturday anyway, with the Sun shining and in the company of an innocent, it all looked pretty shiny and new. Simple fun is the best tonic.
As you can probably tell, I had as good a weekend as I can remember.I've got a long week ahead full of travel and work, but my batteries feel recharged and I'm in a "full steam ahead" mood.
Stay well and have a laugh wherever you may be.Love


cruxandflux said...

nice haircut..i always thought shorter was better...

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great visit with Jess - she looks so like you. Lovely pics of you together