Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bits and pieces

I've just spent the last 3 days in a town in Michigan which epitomises small town America.
The main street was devoid of charity shops, chain stores or real estate offices; Just individual little stores with quirky stuff and an old time vibe.
There was even a diner with a soda shoppe type bar, which appeared to be the real thing rather than an out of the box- kited together parody.
A car wash for the "Bulldogs" local high school football team.
I guess that's why it was a bit jarring to see the pictures in the window of the ALLSTATE store.
More of a shrine than a display.
All the high school graduates and sons and daughters of the town who'd died in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Whatever your view on the rights or wrongs of the situation, its pretty clear that the effects are being felt in the heartland.
Touching and not a little bit sad.
I was supposed to be in Germany by now, but find myself with a stopover in the Big Apple.
Schedules eternally change.
Its a glorious day though and I headed to 5th Avenue and had a little retail therapy. I'll also get my Katz's pastrami tomorrow so all is not lost.
Frankfurt tomorrow, then Berlin Wednesday and Thursday.
I'll post as and when though I haven't felt terribly inspired as of late, nor have I taken the camera out of the bag.
Hope your weekend isn't in a hotel room.


Anonymous said...

You sound a little sad which is a shame when we have been enjoying the beautiful sun,and greenery of a late spring :) here penny xx

Anonymous said...

My son on friday made me very happy and proud he is 16 and is doing an IT deploma , he came and told me he wants to go into the RAF , i feel very proud weather this is a good thing it is his choice and i suport him , so i may well find i am loosing both my babies this year ,this is a sad thought but such great opertunitys for youngtsers ,you have so many delights to come your way from Jess and the ones you least expect are the greastest :) penny xx