Monday, May 26, 2008

Paris tomorrow then Prague Wednesday morning

My holiday is over.
I left Dave at Victoria station at 8:30 this morning and said good bye to hours of chat about old times and got my head around the week ahead on the two hour drive home. As usual for a Bank Holiday Weekend, its pissing down with rain.
Hanging out over the past couple of days has brought back a flood of memories.
Fifteen year old half forgotten stories of silliness and ill conceived visions of the future..... there's nothing to do but laugh and shake your head.
It was really good seeing my old pal and for a weekend at least, I found myself howling over the stories and how unbelievably innocent and un-jaded we both were way back then.
Both of us were bursting into laughter from one minute to the next as we completed each others thoughts about some long lost adventure.
Man, the years add layers of cynicism to the way you look at the world.
Its nice to flashback to a time when everything seemed ahead of you and the weekend always held the promise of something new and fun.
Another time.
It's only a little more than ten years and has flown by, but it really is a different place I was in back then.
I was so innocent.
That's the only way I can describe it looking back.
Tell me that then and I would have laughed it off.
How will I describe myself now, 15 years on I wonder?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not playing the world weary, world traveller veteran card here.
I just feel different to the person I was and relived over the past three days.
I do admit I was a bit depressed driving home.
It was a nice weekend and reminded me that the here and now isn't the sum total of who I am. I'm going to miss that. Tomorrow I'm taking Euro star to the city of lights and I'll be there for less than 24 hours before taking some budget airline I've never heard of before (Sky Europe) to Prague.
Home on Friday.
Next Sunday I'm taking my daughter on a day trip to Belfast, then walking Hadrian's Wall with my dad for the week after.
If you're so inclined, pray for sun so I'm not waterlogged by the end of next week.
Check back over the next few days there may be a cool pic or two.......
I bought a NEW camera!!!
Love T


Anonymous said...

A big thank you my friend!


Anonymous said...

does this cam come with its own backpack??? lol