Thursday, May 29, 2008

Paris and Prague

My breakfast in Paris yesterday.
Very French don't ya think?
Ohh la-la I'm soooo Continental.
A sophisticated man of the world. That's me.
I went to Paris via Euro star from the new terminal at St Pancreas Station.

Its a Gazillion £ make over of what was once a lovely little Victorian station. Nice job. At Kings X Station, just across the road, I took the picture below for all you Harry Potter fans. I'm told that platform 9 3/4 figures in some way shape or form in the books. I couldn't tell you much about that as I've never read em and never will. I waited amongst all the tourists and took the picture. The scary thing about the fans snapping away was there wasn't a kid amongst them. Just middle aged knee socks wearing American weirdos.Ok...ParisWhen I arrived it was pissing down with rain. The morning I left it cleared for an hour or so and I did a quick trip around and snapped away. Nothing too inspiring, but this little selection may give you sense of how gorgeous the place is.

There's plenty more but I'm sure you get the idea.
I'm in a warm and sticky Prague for the next 24 hours.
I'll post again if anything interesting comes up.


Kjell Tjensvoll said...

... middle aged knee socks wearing American weirdos ...
You would find me among them Terry. All HP books read twice and I'll make a point of going to Kings X to take a picture the next time I'm in L.

Terry said...

Dear me Kjell.....Do you have Harry Potter Sheets and pillow cases?

Kjell Tjensvoll said...

I wish :-D

Terry said...

Well, if you're a good boy this year I'm sure Santa will remedy that.....

I said...

As a former Borders Bookstore employee, I must say that middle-aged knee socks wearing American weirdoes and soccer moms with babies on their hip made up the early birds at the midnight sales of every new release of the potter books. Still... I'm all for anything that compels people to read.

There’s nothing like Paris to lift the shroud off and raise one’s spirits, hmm? : )

cruxandflux said...

i have a harry potter calender.... next time in the UK im sure to get the photo! More pics of Pa-ree please :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Is the last pic Paris or Prague?

Terry said...

Yep that's Prague.
I have to say the "Harry Potter flurry" bears out the fact that I never can tell what tid bits excite my gentle readers.
Poverty in India?
Demos in Iran?
A fictional boy wizard?
Ohhhhhh ya!