Friday, May 30, 2008


Prague was hot and sticky during the day but pleasant in the evening. Its changing at breakneck speed and all that EU money has resulted in a rather spic and span tourist friendly place. I've been about 6 or 7 times over the past 12 years and I kind of miss the city I first discovered way back then. It was grittier and dirtier but there wasn't a Starbucks in sight.
The crooked taxi drivers are still a fixture unfortunately.
As far as value for money goes, its still in my top 10. and all you yanks will still get decent return on your green-back pesos, (a rarity in Europe at the moment). If you want a quick trip to Europe this summer I'd suggest a week splitting your time with Budapest (again good value for money though a bit grittier).
OK travel guide section over.
Scotland is playing a friendly against the Czech Republic tonight and the city was filling up with members of the "Tartan Army".
Scottish fans have a well deserved reputation for being good natured. They're friendly and in Prague at least, well received. I chatted to a couple of cops from Glasgow and found them charming, funny guys. It seems the camera failed to save the pictures of them, and I know they were going to tune in today to have a look to see themselves, so apologies guys.
You'll have to settle for a couple of pictures of your colleagues. I was only in the city for two days, and my time wasn't my own so there aren't many pics to post. There are some here , here and here from earlier visits if you're interested. That's it for today.
I'm taking my daughter to Belfast for the day on Sunday, then walking Hadrian's wall with my dad next week. I'm off for 5 whole days!!!!!
Whether or not I post will be dependent on Internet-availability.
I'm leaving my B-berry at home.
Love to all and wish the Jocks luck...they're gonna need it!


Anonymous said...

Have a brill time with Jess ,and best off luck with weather for your stroll....:) penny x

Anonymous said...

Terry, you have convinced me, a quick trip to Prague and Budapest is set up for this September. (and I plan on leaving my American knee socks behind).

Thanks for another "armchair adventure".

I am sure you looked suave and debonair as you ate your Parisien breakfast.

Safe Travels,

Terry said...

Cool . Have fun!
If you want some specific tips: where to stay/eat, what to do/How to find those out of the way nooks and crannies where you can drink local brew and watch the earnest philosophers doodle in their moleskin note books......
Go to my profile page and shoot me an email.
Its amazing how many tiny details lurk in the back of my brain and only surface when asked about specifics!

Anonymous said...

pack ben-gay for the wall!
hugs :)