Thursday, June 19, 2008


My day started in a battle of wills with this plucky fellow. The hotel has a small flock of geese living in the fountain out front. I wanted to sit down on the ledge of the fountain.
He didn't want me so close to his harem.
I won.
Not many pics as the time available to snap away was restricted to the hour and a half or so I spent in the back of a cab.There were still some interesting things to see though I grant you compared to other posts from India, these contributions are a bit lame.
The weather is temperate, though some parts of central India are gearing up to absorb 200mm of rain tomorrow.That's it for today.
If you're wondering, yes I'm very, very tired.
Love to all


Anonymous said...

that last pic of the guy on the bus is great.... i wonder what he is thinking about...

Anonymous said...

um, T,

where did that self portrait series go?
one second there, the other second gone,,,,,,,


Terry said...

erm...a bit of fun with the camera
turned into horror at its saved as a draft as it should have been first time around.....
Beer+Blog+ Camera= silly T

Anonymous said...

Then I want to see

Whiskey + Blog + No Sleep + Camera, and why not throw in a couple of stuffed animals for fun

Did you get your new camera yet?


Anonymous said...

Wine + laptop + insomnia = daft comments?