Thursday, June 19, 2008

Narcassim: India 1:35 am

Black Coat,
White shoes,
Black Hat,
The boy's a time bomb........ Big shot mock.
More pics of India tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Bed time, Terry.

Anonymous said...

Spelling, Sir: narcissism

Anonymous said...

Actually, now I'm getting worried about you, time to come in from the field, if only it were possible.

Terry said...

Too bad.
it is what it is sometimes.
On the road.
and thinking what should have been but never was.
And never will be.

kublakhan said...

very intimate, Terry... I'm glad you re-posted this because somehow I missed it the first time around. I particularly like the color shot in the middle. So Terry, what is this dream that "should have been but never was"?

Terry said...

It's just the ruminations of a jetlagged mind

sandra said...

get some rest..

Anonymous said...

Never say never. You have a world of possibility ahead, a great family, beautiful daughter and good friends.

Some of your neighbours are OK as well. Sometimes.

Take care sausage-side.


Anonymous said...

ZZ, Terry? Where you from boy?

Terry said...

Man this was a long time ago and I'm still rejecting comments.....
Actually its not that long ago.