Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Geishas and grub

Oh dear.
We had a bit of regional grub and local entertainment last night and both were mighty fine. Its a tradition in Japan that senior managers participate in such things and being a good sport I embraced the dancer in me and did a spot of samurai shuffle alongside more refined company.
The grimace betrays the creaky back. Tonight I'll be indulging in another form of ritual self humiliation.
Stay well


sarah_500 said...

So it takes a geisha and good old fashioned peer pressure to get you up on the dance floor! No photos of this historic moment I see.

Evidence of karaoke participation required.

I said...

Here! Here! Surely, there must be someone about with a camcorder cell phone to immortalize the event.

T crooning... how about that : )

Anonymous said...

King of the Road? Wild Colonial Boy? Wild Rover? Cigarettes and Alcohol? But enough about you, which song did you choose? :-)

Anonymous said...

OK, I admit I have been visiting your blog a few times a day in anticipation of "evidence of karaoke participation", or at least a recount of it


Kjell Tjensvoll said...

I suggest Mamma Mia and I really hope it shows up on YouTube!

Anonymous said...

No tape, but u can call me in testimony! It was fun! K

kublakhan said...

I wanted to post something about the ICC indicting President Bashir in Sudan. I think it's really an important step and might spark some provacative conversation on your blog.

Instead...I have just randomly come across this link about japanese festivals. I think it gets a PG13 rating. http://www.wordpress.tokyotimes.org/?p=2088

Anonymous said...

are u still alive?

Terry said...

I'm still alive...barely.
I've just arrived in the US after a LONG trip.
More stuff coming a and when.
Thanks for the birthday greetings everyone!

Anonymous said...

Signs of life - will cancel the call to Interpol. Not much news from Midsummer base camp, weather is utterly vile. The Baron's 7 year old daughter arrives Sunday for a month, so I shall be in (hopefully not too evil) step-mommy mode. Do shout if Jess is about for a playdate. Hope back and neck holding up.


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, may have found the perfect team Midsummer drink for those terrace parties:

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Wits’ end Mclaren Vale Chardonnay 2008 - Australia
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Drink within 24 hours of purchase...