Monday, July 14, 2008

Low intensity hand to hand combat with my back

I'm feeling pretty fed up with my back situation.
It goes on and on and on.
I'm getting sleep in 2 hour increments and its starting to drag me out.
I'm not immobile, just "creaky", stiff and starting to suffer from sleep deprivation.
The jet lag and 92% humidity isn't helping either.
This trip still has a week and a half to go.......


your sister said...

Hey Ter hope the back / neck pain eases - I have a possible solution- will buy it for you this week. Still need to know your dates. Love the latest pics of miss boo in the top I bought her. Need to know artist singing " capacity to love " lyrics - e-mail me

Anonymous said...

Will you please (nag, nag) get your GP to refer you to a consultant when you get back and to review pain medication, although there's not much you can do for nerve pain.

This might raise a smile:


Anonymous said...

Remember what the wise Canadian doctor said to you a couple of years ago. Take care of your back and neck before you are sorry!

Take care!


Anonymous said...

needles good old achnepunter, worked on my 15yr old and has never looked back Ooops sorry for the pun :) but still true , and she has a curved spine, which is straightening out with carring collage books on other shoulder !! realy ,oh she is 18 now :) penny x