Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little more Hong Kong

Man its hot and humid here. I'd forgotten the feeling of trickling sweat down the middle of your back and the cold chill as you walk into aircon out of the mid day sun. It's one of life's odd sensations to walk the streets here dealing with the smells, heat and neon and feel the waves of cold air ebbing and flowing out of open shopfronts.
The left side of your face is hot and dripping.
The right side is jarred by an icy blast against the hair plastered to the side of your head.
Then all of you is hot again.
The cycle repeats itself over and over again.
A lot of electricity is evaporating into the night sky.
Yeesh. Hong Kong means "fragrant harbour" and it is rather fragrant though in a different way to the origin of its name.
This is not water that I'd want to eat fish from, regardless of how its caught.Immediately in front of my hotel is the Jardine "Noon Gun".
Its origins date back to the 1860s when Jardines, a major trading company both then and now, used their private militia fire a salute to arriving tai-pans.
This annoyed the Royal Navy who believed that such activities should be reserved for military vessels.
In penance Jardines was required to fire off the gun everyday at noon.
From 1941-45 the Japanese discontinued the practice and took the gun away for their own use.
Upon liberation the Royal Navy gave Jardines another gun and the practice was revived and continues to the present day.
To get to the gun you need to use a tunnel underneath Gloucester Road which you access through an underground parking lot (crossing the road above ground would be suicidal). The tunnel is a bit odd and has a bowels of a building feel to it. Its very hot and sweaty.
On the other side of the road you're there and the eardrum shattering bang is satisfying.It's a fun little diversion that's in all the guidebooks but generally not all that well attended.
That's it for today.I hope all of you are well where ever you may be.


Anonymous said...

Looking that the pictures you can almost feel sticky, stupefying humidity seeping from the screen. Yuk.

Is The Wanch still going?

The universal law of BB conservation is operational, one lost, one gained - about to be press-ganged into the modern communications milieu. Double yuk.

Safe travels,


Anonymous said...

Were they broadcasting the speech in Hong Kong? (yes, Mr. Canadian-Alpha male, I'm wondering if you're still paying attention to our little presidential race.)It was pretty amazing...

Terry said...

Check the next post regarding Obama's speech