Monday, August 25, 2008

Hong Kong

Delays, cancelled flights a lost B-berry (Jesus what do I do now??) and 36 hours of travel.
I'm finally in Hong Kong.
I arrived via Anchorage at 9 am and went straight into meetings for the day.
A room full of Asian guys staring at the tall white guy slumped at the end of the table putting on an exceedingly good show of being engaged and awake. How thankful am I that despite constant provocation I stuck to my no booze when you fly rule?
These pics from the hotel window are all you'll get from me today.Causeway Bay in all its glory.I'm still upright and heading for more meetings then dinner.
My North American chums are about 2 hours from slapping the alarm on their clock radio.
You Brits are on your third cup of coffee.
Wait Brits are off today, so they're still asleep.
I should be asleep as technically I'm a Brit so I should be off and asleep.
But I'm not.
I have no Blackberry so by extension no phone or anything to fiddle with whilst people try and talk to me.
My complete divided attention will become bleary eyed engagement.
Stay well everyone


Anonymous said...

gorgeous views... you must be happy. Hope you find a good masseuse and a BB device from this century ;). I'm going to the Hamptons this weekend. And I may be traveling to Congo via Rawanda in a month.

- Tatia

Anonymous said...

O.M.G., severed from the BB "life support".... How ever will you survive?

Just digesting Tatia's comment; it's a long, long way from the Hamptons to the Congo via Rwanda.

NB the FCO says "We advise against all travel to eastern and north eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This includes entering DRC from Uganda and Rwanda. The only exception to this is within the towns of Goma and Bukavu, including entering them from Rwanda, where we advise against all but essential travel. This is due to continued insecurity and lawlessness in these areas. Instability and fighting between the Congolese army and insurgents in North Kivu province have led to very high numbers of civilians being displaced."

So pack the tin hat, Tatia.