Saturday, August 23, 2008

Typhoon Delay

The picture above is of the spanking new astro-turf lawn my friend put in his back yard.
Astro-turf you say?
Yep I do.
Their back yard was too shady for grass and by laying down carpet, the kids have somewhere to rollick. Not interesting to you?
Too bad its my blog.
I turned up for my flight this morning to find it was cancelled and I was on the evening flight instead. I was forewarned this would happen as a Typhoon in Hong Kong has scattered Cathay's aircraft all over the globe.
I was hoping to be rerouted via Vancouver and pick up a flight from there to the People's Republic, but no dice.
Now the 11 :35pm flight is delayed until 3 am.
What did I do with a day to kill?
I went to the ball game with my friend Dave and his son Hugh.
Baseball in Toronto is for everybody and everybody comes. Not for the first time I'm struck by the easy going nature of pro sports in North America. In the UK fans are segregated by steel fences and police patrol on horses and with dogs.
In Toronto visiting Red Sox fans sat scattered throughout the stands.
Despite being officially sold out there were plenty of empty seats.
Guys like the one below.Scalpers are scum.
Happily it looks like they were stuck with tickets and took a bath on the game today.As you can see we were way way up.....about 4 rows from the top. Despite this the action was easy to follow.
I'm continually amazed at the quality of the lenses I have on my camera. Even from this far up the Cannon L Series 70-200mm zoom lens brings the play up close.That's it for today.
Wish me luck on this tedious airport bound delay!

Love to all and stay well


Anonymous said...

Apparently, a baseball game and my backyard do not get people inspired to post. Oh well! We had some fun. Good to see you and hang in there.

By the way, Hugh thanks you again for the Blue Jays cap.


Anonymous said...

Well, David's garden is looking a darn sight more kempt than yours (and mine) at present. Maybe astroturf is the way forward, or sheep.