Saturday, September 06, 2008


A quick visit today of pizza, our tradition of a jam tart (we always have a jam tart in the same place), and of course the toy store. I'm really proud of my little girl.
"Go-gos" are the latest rage apparently. They're tiny little plastic "things". The whole point of the exercise is to collect and trade them.
Jess "dabbles" in them (her words not mine).
I wonder how long this fashion will last?
Tomorrow we have the whole day together and at her request will head for "The London Dungeon"I hope your Saturday is as great as mine !


Anonymous said...

Be frightend be prepared to have a fright trip !!! LOL I'm talking about the London Dungon :) good choice Jess :) i have a an unflattering phot of my self in Stocks with my two chopping off my head :( i do hope you are up for it T x penny

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a brillant weekend. I think little ones are good for reminding us that there's more forgiveness in the world than we originally guessed at.

Anonymous said...

Dear T Does the song still have meaning it had 6yrs ago, that you still love Jess's mum ?? is that why you can not sit still for fear of your feelings ? i only ask cos i would hate you too be in pain ,i hope she follows your blogg and see's what we see :) and write as you wish :) penny x