Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Hong Kong

There was a market around the corner from my hotel and though it couldn't compare to some of the stuff I've seen in China or India, it wasn't for the squeamish.
The picture above is supposed to show the "live" nature of the wares on sale. As you may or may not be able to see, the fish are flopping around. Chinese like their food fresh so crabs and fish are gutted, sliced, and ripped to bits live in front of the customer.
Its a good thing these critters don't have vocal cords or the place would have been a symphony of screams of pain and terror.
Its a bit shocking to see a fish sliced in half and placed, heart still pumping onto a slab of ice. Well shocking for a coddled westerner used to getting his grub vacuum sealed anyway.Last Sunday I came upon a weekly ritual in the City which I'd seen before years ago but totally forgotten about. Every Sunday all the Filipino maids use their one day off to congregate in central and socialise.
They play cards, gossip, hold prayer groups, dance, sing..... all manner of stuff
There are A LOT of them.
They make A LOT of noise.
As you approach you can hear the din before you see the source. To me, the language when spoken by hundreds of women grouped together sounds not unlike a vast flock of geese. I don't mean that in a critical or mocking way.
It's just what it sounded like to me.
Its a little slice of Filipino culture every Sunday in Central Hong Kong.That's it for today.
I'll leave you with the view outside my window at my new office in Wan Chai.Stay well


sarah_500 said...

Obviously need a head for heights to work in your office.

Anonymous said...

Can't say the view is fabulous, but at least you are not looking out at a brick wall.

Nosebleed height?

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Bit like robatayaki in Japan, where crustacea crawling slowly across the display ice are consigned seconds later to the grill.

Do they still have cooked chicken feet on sale in the 7-11s? Not my first choice of late night snack...