Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now THAT, my friends and enemies.....

Is a BIG fucking Buddha.
Big Buddah, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
I fly to Seoul tomorrow.
Stay tuned if you're so inclined.


Anonymous said...

No argument from this quarter; as Buddhas go, he's the daddy.


Lennie said...

It's disproportionately big. I consider it to be an eye sore.

Terry said...

Hey big can be good....or so I've been told on occasion.
I don't think its an eye sore. Even big as it is, it shares the same sublime half smile of any Buddha statue.
I quite like it actually.

Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of John Belushi... picture said Buddha with a pork pie hat and shades.

Anonymous said...

Well T, look how it competes with the mountain tops -- in a rather crude, whose is bigger kind of way. There, I find this Buddah to be in bad taste!