Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm thinking the month ahead will be good...or it could be bad.....

But however it all pans out.......And you really can't change what's done no matter how hard you wish you could.
As Mr Rotten once said:
"All debts are paid"
Have a great week everyone.
Love to all

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Anonymous said...

It's all in the stars:

Don't let the past poison the present. Don't hang on to what happened yesterday. Don't live your life by the standards you once subscribed to. Be sure that what you are doing now reflects what you feel... not what you feel you ought to feel. You can't bring back yesterday no matter how you try, but you can push tomorrow further away, just by focusing too hard on the past. Forget all that. You've got an amazing, wonderful opportunity to embrace, right here and now. October is due to be an exceptional month, one you remember, happily forever... as long as you are now willing to move on.

How spooky!