Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Korean BBQ

My last night in Seoul I went with colleagues to a Korean BBQ restaurant. We do this often when I visit not least because to a western palate, the grub is accessible. I eat an astonishing amount of "odd" food on these trips and though my gut tends to cope, I confess there are times when smashed chicken foot soup, or bowls of unidentified offal get a bit grim.
The realisation that a huge proportion of the world cherishes bits of fish which westerners normally consider bait rather than appetiser, gives you a sense of the widely differing perspectives regarding what's tasty and what's not.
There's something disquieting in my eyes at least, about watching a perfectly coiffured and manicured woman tucking into a bowl of boiled sheep's tripe.
Chinese food tends to be the toughest.
They eat everything that walks, crawls, slithers or flies.
They also eat all the bits and pieces you or I would bin rather than serve.
Its a long way from spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken.
Most of the Chinese I've met giggle at the mention of "western" Chinese menus.
Tonight I head to Taipei 101 for dinner and then will try to get to "Snake Alley" where a cuisine unsuitable for the squeamish has become famous.
Tune in as and when.
Love T

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Anonymous said...

There's a saying that the Chinese eat everything that flies except a plane, everything with four legs except a table and everything in the sea except a boat.

Check out the specialities at the Guolizhuang restaurant in Beijing:

Just a salad thanks...