Thursday, October 30, 2008

News feeds out of North Korea are always good for a giggle

I check out the stories on Korean News from time to time.
The vitriol and cartoon rhetoric and never fail to raise a smile. Nestled between articles about the "Dear Leader's" visit to a goat farm (he hasn't had a stroke it seems) was this little gem:
Reckless Remarks of S. Korean Puppet Minister of Defence Blasted
Pyongyang, October 27 (KCNA) -- As already reported, some days ago, the United States and the south Korean puppets held the 40th south Korea-U.S. "annual security consultative meeting" in Washington at which they made public a "17-point joint statement," foolishly crying out for making "preparations to cope with an emergency situation" of somebody.
This comes under fire by a signed commentary of Rodong Sinmun Monday. The above-said meeting openly brought to light the wild ambition of the U.S. and the Lee Myung Bak group to invade the north while daringly contemplating an operation against it under the pretext of "emergency situation." This reminds one of a confab discussing the operation on the eve of a provocative war both in the light of the reckless remarks made by the warmongers there and the nature of the issues discussed there, the commentary observes, and goes on:
The one more dangerous war confab staged by them in pursuance of the reckless and foolish scenario glaringly betrays an adventurous attempt to disturb peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and ignite a new war at any cost.
What merits more serious attention is that Ri Sang Hui, puppet minister of Defence, again let loose unpardonable outbursts groundlessly slandering the north at the joint press conference held at the end of the meeting.
This traitor without an equal in the world flew into the U.S. to meet his American master and let loose such unspeakable vituperation in the eyes of the world community, not content with vociferating about "emergency situation" at home. This clearly shows what intolerable extent his idea of confrontation with fellow countrymen and hysteria of a war of aggression against the north has reached.
It is quite clear that grave consequences will be entailed by Ri Sang Hui's reckless remarks. His hysteric behavior is driving the strained inter-Korean relations to an uncontrollable catastrophe.
It is absolutely impossible to expect the improved inter-Korean relations and peaceful reunification as long as such sycophantic traitor serving the U.S., confrontational maniac and human scum as Ri Sang Hui is allowed to stay in his office. He will have to pay a price for his reckless remarks.
The Lee Myung Bak group would be well advised to pay heed to the warning served by the north, concludes the commentary.
I have reduced all my worldly possessions to 6 bags and a briefcase.
Stay well


Anonymous said...

Your mocking war mongering will get you nowhere.
You are an unscrupulous capitalist pig-dog.
I choke eveytime I read your imperialist musings.
NKorea is VERY close to HK and we will be watching you!
PS...any jobs going?
I'm tired of eating grass stew and want a bit of your decadent life (just to study the devil first hand so I can know evil up close you understand)
Kim II (wannabe)

Lennie said...

Aw. How truly creepy. Not good for a giggle anymore.