Sunday, October 05, 2008

Welcome back to the UK

It's been pissing down with rain from the minute CX421 set down at Heathrow around 10pm last night.
A fourteen hour flight brought me from humidity, heat, and the occasional short, sharp downpour to relentless cold rain.
Add to that the cancellation of my visit with Jessica and I'm not a happy hombre.
I flew 5000+ miles to see my kid and its waived off as if I lived around the corner.
Not answering texts, calls or emails is a pretty shabby way to blow me off.
As I've said many a time, its a marathon not a sprint, but sometimes the whole thing seems a bit pointless. Another trip to the rip off machine that is the British legal system may be in order ,though only to focus the mind of my ex (she's cheap and won't want to pay a lawyer).
I'm under no illusion that spending £2K will get any sort of resolution. The system simply takes your money but doesn't enforce its judgements.
Unless the shoe is on the other foot.
Fathers, whether it be regarding support issues or otherwise get a pasting in the courts.OK tirade over.
I'm wondering what to do on this grey wet Sunday as Plan A seems to have gone out the window.
I've got no end of mundane jobs pending: laundry, boxing up the flat, banking crap, cleaning , a cull of 10 years of clothes hanging in a closet but never worn, etc.
I could just head to the pub with the Sunday papers, eat, drink Guinness and blow off a dull grey afternoon.
Upon reflection, I think I'll do.............nothing.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, it really is better to travel hopefully than to arrive: shabby is an understatement.

Masterly inactivity probably a good bet given recent and coming upheaval.

8pm ish snout in trough here if you get bored.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy! I know you are beaten down. Life is funny. I wish I was busier with work and could take a break from my kids. In my own way, I feel beaten down too. This melt down in the markets is not helping my mood.

We all have challenges. We simply have to find ways to get through them. Simply put, your ex is a b...!

Take it easy pal!


Anonymous said...

Terry's travel's & thoughts
A tributing comment made on behalf of all your blog readers who shook their heads from side to side
regarding your adventures ...

Between the ages of 15 - 20 Terry wanted to explore
half discovered, half wild Africa.
He was so thrilled and excited, he stopped off indescrimatingly everywhere and anywhere he could!

Between the ages of 20 - 30 Terry wanted to explore
fully discovered, scientifically perfect America & Canada.
Being familiar home turf, he was only moderately interested & did not stop off anywhere for long!!

Between the ages of 30 - 40 Terry wanted to explore
Europe including; half destroyed but still desirable France,
Germany who lost the war but not hope and England who has a glorious past but no future.
However, althougth he wanted to stop, he was not allowed to!!!

Between the ages of 40 - 50 Terry wanted to explore
the mysterious East including very hot wise and beautiful India & Hong Kong
Once he started, he was totally out of control, unable to stop, even if he tried!!!!

Between the ages of 50 - 60 Terry wanted to explore
Iceland, very wide and quiet Russia and Siberia; every one knows where they are, but few want to go there.
But Terry couldn't even start - never mind stop!!!!!

Terry said...

Not sure what that comment means, but I'm sure it has a message in there somewhere......

Anonymous said...

Terry! Jeezus! Oh Mohammad!
It's just me trying to be funny/witty/clever & trying to make you laugh ie a Mia-ism

Terry said...

ya I got it

Anonymous said...