Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm heading to Beijing tomorrow. These pics are from an earlier couple of trips and trolling through my laptop I figured they were worth posting again though they probably seem a wee bit obvious to some. This is a bit of a flying visit but pretty damn important. I'm unlikely to get many pictures as it will be nonstop from the moment I touch down in the Middle Kingdom.
I have a request to all of you reading:
I want all who are religiously inclined to say a prayer for my friend Dave who has had a family emergency.
Praying isn't my thing but I'm sending him all the positive vibes I can from so far away.
If it's your bag maybe your prayers can do some good.
He's a regular commentator on this blog and if you've been following that aspect of things I'm sure you'll agree he's a good guy.
Wish I could be there for you pal.
Love to all


Kjell Tjensvoll said...

My thoughts go to you in today's meditation Dave. Hope everything works out for you!

Anonymous said...

For David: Hope it all turns out to be OK.

For T: Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Terry how is the air port situation ??? if effecting you : ) glad tidings to your friend David and family . penny xxx

Anonymous said...

Hope Dave's struggle between the immensities will be resolved.
T. you missed the Grey Cup ..Again!


Anonymous said...

I hope for the best for David and his family.

Did you guys read about the bloody attacks in Mumbai?... Do put off a trip to India, T.


Terry said...

Jeeze I've stayed at the Taj before.
The world is going mad.