Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Greetings from Hong Kong and Merry Christmas!
I spent the morning on the "Peak" which is the highest point on the Island and home to gizillion $ properties and some funky/tacky/OK restaurants and cafes.
There's also the inevitable look out letting you truly appreciate the extent of the pollution blowing in from the coal fired factories on the mainland. Santa has already come and gone from here and his sleigh is out over the Atlantic heading for all you yanks.
My friend Kieron pitched up around 11 pm last night after a long journey from the UK and in true Brit style we retired to an open air neighbourhood bar run by a friendly Nepalese family. Amongst the bottles of Heineken and classes of Jamison whisky, they produced platters of Turkey, veggies and all the bits and pieces you'd expect at cringle time.
Apart from the booze, all at no charge.
As the night went on the crowd got bigger and good spirits were the order of the evening.
Expats in exile tend to be friendly to one another I guess.
Santa (or maybe the food) gave me a Christmas morning free of the hang over I was expecting so all is well in the world from where I'm standing.
I head to Thailand tomorrow and then on to Cambodia.
Tune in this week and maybe there will be something interesting to look at as you work your way through the Turkey sandwiches and Alka Seltzer.
Stay well and love to all.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Terry ~

The Brit style sounds like fun -- but wouldn't it "freeze your balls off" if you were in England?

It's noteworthy that I won't be celebrating in the traditional way as a couple of friends have left town, and apparently I live in an ivory tower... May as well go to church.

Have a fun vacation! Lennie

Anonymous said...


Give me a call tomorrow - Toronto time.

Merry Christmas bud!


Kjell Tjensvoll said...

Merry Christmas Terry! We're experiencing a cold but green Christmas up north. I think I'll never get used to green lawns during the Christmas holiday. I'm looking forward to pictures from Thailand and Cambodia :-)

Anonymous said...

All unprotected extremeties would freeze off tonight, it was -3 (celsius) at 6pm and I'm told it will go down to Nutcracker temperatures.

A bit chilly, really.


Anonymous said...

Well it went down to minus 4 overnight, and that should read "extremities" above.