Friday, January 23, 2009

Circus School- Melbourne

I'm struggling to think of another city that would have a circus school in the downtown core. I woke up this Saturday morning hearing cheers and jeers from a crowd gathered watching folks ( kids-40+) all trying to learn to swing on a trapeze 30 ft above the ground.
Why don't you find this sort of thing in the UK, US or Europe?
UK- Health and Safety Nazis have banned fun
US- Lawyers and insurance companies have banned fun
Europe- This wouldn't be considered fun in Europe . Even if it was the EU would regulate it to the point that no one would bother.That's it for now.
I'm off to the tennis tonight and tomorrow.
Have a look for me on the telly, I'm 3 rows from the front behind the umpire.
Look for the guy with the big camera trying not to melt in the 35 degree heat.
Love to all


Anonymous said...

Wave to me Terry. And hold up a sign saying - "I wish you were here David."

Have fun buddy!

Anonymous said...

for your information my dear sir, they have a trapeze school in new york (yes, the united states, the home of litigation lawyers wet dreams) the winter, spring, summer and is not limited to the australians.