Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sydney part 2

Sunday was free so a colleague and I did a whistle stop tour of a couple of places of interest. First off we took the ferry to Manley a small town on the other side of the harbour with a laid back beach and southern California vibe. The ferry takes you past some of the iconic sights of Sydney harbour and I think at 10 Aus $'s for a return trip its a pretty good deal.
As most people in Sydney do on a Sunday, we ended up on Bondi Beach.
There have been three Great White shark attacks (one fatal) in the past 2weeks albeit not here at Bondi. Surfers and snorkelers seem to be the prey of preference. As you can see below the surfers are undeterred. Even though Australia has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, the beach is full of people baking in the sun. Perched on the bluffs above of the beach is the Bondi Ice burg club. Centered around an open air salt water pool the club also has a restaurant and bar with some of the best views of the beach and ocean. Its worth a visit.
Skate rats dominate the area just short of the beach but surfers take pride of place in the water.
Back to the harbour.
The Sydney Harbour bridge was opened in 1932 and is the 4th longest spanning arch bridge in the world. At 134 meters it was the city's tallest structure until the mid 1960s. I think its beautiful but I'm a bit biased as I love bridges.The Sydney Bridge Climb experience is something I've been meaning to do though it will be hard to find the time this trip.
Last night a colleague and I headed to the new uber hip bar in town: The Ivy.
We were intercepted by a young man dressed in a spangled jacket and over sized upturned baseball cap covered in sparkles.
"Sorry gentlemen it is a private function tonight".
Denied entry by the keyboard player from Depech mode.
I have now managed to be turned away from clubs on every continent on earth.
Ok that's it.
I'm still jet lagged though seem to be back in a regular sleep pattern. I'll be pretty busy this week so don't anticipate much time to post but you never know.
Love to all

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