Friday, March 13, 2009

Back In Hong Kong

I'm back in HK after a 15 1/2 hour flight from Toronto.
It felt strange being in Canada.
It always does.
I used to live in Toronto and although its been 15 years or so, Canada still feels like home.
Kind of.
I felt the nagging pull of depression as I sat watching crap movie after crap movie on Air Canada 015 yesterday.
Since the beginning of the year I've slept in my own(ish) bed a grand total of 7 nights.
Twice around the world, crisscrossing hemispheres and seasons.
That's a lot of miles and room service club sandwiches.
I haven't posted much lately nor taken any pictures as the inspiration has been somewhat lacking.
I find I have very little to say.
Lets hope the change of venue leads to a change of heart.
It is what it is.
I've enabled the comments again and if the spam gods have moved on you can let em rip.
I know its an old pic, but its the only one I could find where I didn't look like the living dead , though as you can see I'm killing myself slowly by way of tar and nicotine.
Stay well


Anonymous said...

Blah. Pecker up. Probably just need some one-on-one with the duvet. Sweet dreams.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Too bad we didn't see more of you while in TO. Let's try harder next time.


Anonymous said...

Life is what it is...I'll have a drink tonight and say cheers to the hope of you getting your mojo back soon!
c/o - White Lady Funerals