Monday, May 18, 2009


Berlin is the best deal price wise of any major city in Europe. Its also the only place where you can find random sections of a wall scattered throughout the city. I'm here for meetings and though its unlikely I'll get much free time to take many pics, I'll try and carve out a couple of hours over the next three days. As the summer solstice is approaching , its light until 9 or so and I guess the evening will be my best chance to have a look around.
Stay happy and healthy.


Anonymous said...

The very symbol of Soviet hegemony recycled as a cafe backdrop. Strange world. Which side were you sitting on?

My money's on Krakow.

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Anonymous said...

“ There is so much weariness and disappointment in travel that people have to open up — in railway trains, over a fire, on the decks of steamers, and in the palm courts of hotels on a rainy day. They have to pass the time somehow, and they can pass it only with themselves. Like the characters in Chekhov, they have no reserves — you learn the most intimate secrets. You get an impression of a world peopled by eccentrics, of odd professions, almost incredible stupidities, and, to balance them, amazing endurances. ”
—Graham Greene, The Lawless Roads, 1939