Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dominican Republic and some attempts at underwater photos

Last week I spent 4 days in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.
Though I'm not a "resort- all inclusive" sort of guy it was on balance OK.
The resort thing is artificial. Your contact with the local people is reduced to a strange master-servant relationship and the inevitable service with a sneer develops.
I can't say I blame them.
The gulf between haves and have- nots is in pretty stark relief. Some of the guests I saw seemed to forget that they weren't the high rollers (not that it would be in any way an excuse) they play-acted in the DR back home.
The food was mediocre ( I had a bad scallop and spent a tough night worshipping the porcelain god).
The booze was watered down.
The weather was good and as this was a corporate trip it was free.
To complain seems churlish in the extreme.In anticipation of snorkeling I picked up a little Pentax waterproof camera. The pictures needed considerable photoshop cleanup mostly due to the glare and shaky hands but scroll down and you'll get the picture.
That's it.
Two posts in a day!
I'm in Miami and have a really long week ahead which starts tomorrow.
Be well and try and be happy as well as healthy.Love to all


Anonymous said...

The fish are beautiful - is that last one with the blue tube in its mouth a rare breed only found in the dominican republic?

Terry said...

No the "Irish-Canadian Whale" is a migrating species and over the past year has been spotted in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.
Approach with caution as its been known to be rather grumpy at times though tends to lighten up when having a decent night's sleep under its belt.