Monday, May 11, 2009

Hangzhou, China

Just a quick post to say hello.
I'm in Hangzhou in North Eastern China. Its "small" as Chinese cities go (5 million people) .
I arrived after the 2 hour flight from HK to 97 degrees and guys in coveralls, masks and latex gloves who boarded the plane and zapped everyone with hand held thermometers. Given the engines were off and the heat outside was stifling it's a wonder that as packed as the flight was we didn't all fail.
Given their experience with SARs a few years ago, I think the Chinese can be forgiven for being ultra cautious.
There were a couple of tourists in HK who were diagnosed with Swine flu last week and the government responded by putting a whole hotel on shutdown quaranteen for 7 days. One of the unfortunate guests had some "paid for company" with him who ended up staying the duration.
All I have time for today are these pics snapped from the hotel balcony.
More as and when, but as of right now I'm 20 minutes late for the usual business dinner of strange grub.
Love to all

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