Friday, June 05, 2009

Cambridge at Dawn

Sometimes jet lag or restlessness gets me up very early.
Pacing a hotel room or watching the endless story loops on CNN/BBC world is bruising to the soul, so when I found myself awake at 5:30 in Cambridge this week, I took my camera and walked around the city.I lived in Cambridge for 4 years or so but didn't really wander around outside of weekends when the place crawls with day trippers from London. I think early in the morning before the city properly gets going, Cambridge is a nice place to traipse around and snap away. Problem is, this being the UK, you can't find a cup of coffee before 7 am.
I'm a bit of a monster before I get a shot of java.
As I said I lived here for some time but can't say I have any "this is home" feelings when I come back. Its similar in that regard to Oxford where I also lived for about the same length of time.
University towns tend to be all about student life.
Its easy to feel the interloper and separate from the community. Add to the mix I was constantly travelling in both places and the transient vibe is magnified.
Hmmm do I sound a bit sorry for myself?
Well I'm not.
I'm just reflecting on the whole "this used to be where I lived so why do I feel so little about being back here?" thoughts I had on my walk.
I'm getting all Zen and silly.
Just check out the pictures.
That's it.
Not much to say other than Hello to everyone checking in.
I'm in London over the weekend then the Ukraine on the Black Sea for a conference next week.
Then on to Brazil the following week.
Stay well


Lennie said...

I find these thoughts on the concept of home very interesting. As for myself, I'm currently attached to my home of nearly three years - where I fell ill, and which then became my place of recovery. There are these nooks around the hood where I remember feeling happy that I keep revisting. It's my habitat...

Anonymous said...

Hot Lava Java is always available here, but if you pitch up at 5.30 antemeridian, which seems extremely unlikely, you will be pointed at the kettle and cafetiere to engage with your inner barista.

Hope you have some fun in Ukraina. Trust you'll be in and out before Putin shuts the gas supply off (there are rumblings about it).

I'm supposed to be going to Lvov at some point soonish, complicated journey; planes, trains and different gauge trains.

Take care, 'specially in Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

been a little while, but just dove in to get a real life account of what's good and bad in the world...not the wholesome, sugar coated version of the news they provide down under. Keep, keepin it real in the field T! As always, love the pics...but not sure if I can get to sleep tonight after seeing the food in Hangzhou.

Best always

Christopher said...

Cambridge looks like a beautiful spot T...going to be up there soon. Still doing the Muay Thai, actually getting involved in some competitions, and they are up in Cambridge!
Hope all is good.
Chris W