Thursday, July 23, 2009

Couple of Days Off

I've got a couple of days off and I'm spending them sleeping, going to the gym and watching the first season of "True Blood". I'm still not smoking and the nicotine urges seem to have eased off.
That's a good thing I guess.
Its hot in Honkers.
80%+ humidity, sweat dripping off the end of your nose hot.
Sweat walking to the gym to sweat.
Not much else to say other than since getting back I seem to be averaging 10 hours sleep a night.
No booze.
No coffee.
No ciggies.
No fun?
Stay well everyone


Anonymous said...

Good boy on the cigs. Not sure about the no fun gig. Maybe your all "funned" out!


Anonymous said...

NO COFFEE!? Have you gone mad?!
All the rest I could live without, including fun, but coffee.....

I'd better put your pack of birthday Hot Lava Java back in the cupboard.

Take care (and good luck staying off the cigs).


Anonymous said...

Tru Blood is a healthier addiction than the ciggies - go go go

A huge hug!


Anonymous said...

are you still not smoking? congratulations if the answer's yes!

Terry said...

Yep still off the cigs, approaching 7 far so good

Simon said...

Red. Definitely, red it is. Nice pic bud.