Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nightime view from my window

This is the view from my bedroom window before midnight
You can tell its earlier than the pumpkin hour because of the coloured lights on the big building opposite. Every 10 seconds they change colour.
Ya every ten seconds.
There's also green and yellow but you get the idea.
I've been watching the sky at night and the clouds are an unrolling backdrop to the city's lights .
(I almost wrote changing "tapestry", but caught myself in time.)
There's something about racing clouds at night.Purple again.
Good night all and stay well.
Poscript: same view in the morning at 6 am.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I like the night sky better too. L

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I will have to visit and see the view for myself.


Anonymous said...

whole whack of electricity to power those colour changes and for what? to make your blog pix look good? why do they bother?

Do Hong Kongians turn off standby lights? do they love michael crichton?

Anonymous said...

Cool. Although I prefer the more bucolic view from your last place....


Anonymous said...

Don't you love the 5D Mark II?

And yes, racing clouds in a night sky is truly awesome in the proper sense of the word.


Terry said...

Hey Manya
Ya I love the camera but am still learning...I just bought "Lightroom 2.4" to help process the RAW images....any tips?