Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Seoul and Tokyo

Good morning from Yokohama. I'm finishing a quick two day dash to Korea and Japan.
That's the view from my hotel at 6 am this morning.
Yokohama is a "suburb" of Tokyo but as you can see its pretty built up in its own right.I was in Seoul Tuesday and Wednesday and had my fave Asian meal: Korean BBQNice.
I flew to Japan on this monster. I say monster as its only a two hour flight and expected a smaller beast.
I had a rather challenging but tasty meal en route.
Nothing more to say other than its always a pleasure to use a Japanese toilet.
Hardly profound words to live by, but there's something fun about the "hair dryer" and fan as well as all the other untried features.
You find these toilets everywhere from hotel rooms to McDonalds!
That's it.
New Zealand and Australia on Sunday.
Its winter there so I'll have an escape from the oppressive HK humidity.
Stay well


Anonymous said...

"It is the Lamborghini of lavatories, the Cadillac of commodes. With its sleekly sculpted basin, high-tech control panel, automatic lid, heated seat and built-in bidet, the “Neorest” is the sort of lavatory that would surely be used by James Bond."



Simon said...

What's the stop button for ? You or the toilet ?

Anonymous said...

Along the same lines as Simon, I'm wondering what "nozzle cleaning" involves..?