Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting up close and personal with my brain

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll recall a date I had with an MRI machine a few months back ( refresh your memory here).
Happily all ended well.
I finally got a copy of the images and they seem so freaky to me that I decided to post a few. I've got hundreds of pictures of my grey matter all neatly collected in various folders on the DVD which hit my desk this morning.
Very, very strange but oddly compelling.
Man the "sight" of my eyeballs and skull in some of these pictures is pretty strange.
Its odd looking at your brain and thinking:
"That grey mass is the collection of neurons and flesh which makes me who I am.
Is there a soul lurking in there somewhere?
Or is this just a marvelous network of blood, nerves and glutinous mass which gives me the personality and sense of self which is the essence of Terry?

If one of those veins shifted or starved some other part of the stuff it needed would I be the same person?"Interesting to ponder.
This week I'm off to Germany and then back to Asia where I'll be until late November.
I have some pictures of my daughter from the past two weekends. They're already loaded in an unfinished draft ( no text yet) and I'll post them when I get round to it.
Stay well everyone


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Seeing these images of your brain explains everything. Ha! Ha! A little freaky, but can't say I can tell anything from them.

Take it easy buddy!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you're well. No brain aneurysm...stopped smoking...and you seem to have a lot more pics of yourself smiling...That's good.

Best wishes,


Terry said...

Hey Tatia
Nice to hear from you ( Its been a while)
Get in touch and tell me your news!

Anonymous said...

is it still ...""?
- Tatia

Terry said...


I said...

Ah-hah! Your head is just as large as I suspected.
*0; )

Chris Wren said...

Hey Terry, sorry for the long absence. Facebook tends to distract me from reading blogs, which is a shame. Hope all's well with the gray matter. Ken had an MRI done a few weeks back - long term after-effects of a concussion from last year. He put on a brave face, but it seems like a pretty scary experience.

Now the latest thinking is that quantum nanotubules may be part of the base architecture of the brain, which means that a lot of what we are is "leaking" into that blob of gray matter from other curled up microscopic dimensions - or leaking away into them. So that little mass of grey tissue just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Anyway, hope all's well and nothing too serious happening. Sorry for falling out of touch. (Facebook doesn't really count as "keeping in touch". It's just like having a phone book around the house.