Friday, November 06, 2009

End of the week in HK

I started the afternoon with a birthday celebration for one of our HK staff. It was a nice way of easing into a long afternoon which has now stretched into the evening.
I have a great view from the 16th floor and its an interesting perch from which to watch the changes in people and traffic in this part of Hong Kong (Wan Chai) . I'm working later these days as conference calls with the US and Europe are an hour later due to the day-light savings time switch.
I now emerge from the building to find a different variety of street life than the usual office boys and girls.
Just a few blocks away the wild life gets decidedly wilder...(!)
This is a glorious time to be in HK as the temperature is hovering in the mid to high 20's ( 70's F) and the humidity has settled down.
It's no longer the "two shirts a day" season, swimming from cab to aircon through liquid fetid air.
It's fresh (ish).
I'm looking forward to walking a bit when I finally get out of here tonight.
Before I go, I'm sending all of you a moment of New Zealand ZEN.
I'm off to Beijing on Sunday morning and looking forward to hanging out with my parents there the latter half of next week.
I may have some interesting pics to post as I get to play tourist again!
Stop by if you've nothing better to do as you settle into you first coffee at work and power up your computer.
Stay well everyone.


Anonymous said...

strange kind of detached pics today...lovely, though.

Anonymous said...

Go home and sleep pal!