Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter comes early to Beijing

Greetings to all from a snowy Beijing! I have a few days off for the rest of the week and am meeting my parents tomorrow for a bit of sightseeing and weather permitting a walk on the Great Wall.
The China Daily (the national English paper in China) is full of delightful tidbits which reveal the quirky side to the Middle Kingdom.
For instance:
" I didn't get a job because I am 30 and single": Woman
According to the interviewing manager the job in question entailed a lot of communication and the applicant who couldn't manage to find a boyfriend, was obviously not very good with communication
Or the report concerning the high number a "physical test failures" of women applicants for positions in the People's Liberation army:
"The health tests are being conducted at several designated hospitals under PLA guard. Doctors follow a checklist with items such as 'no more than one piercing per ear and 'Not qualified for submarine crews if their teeth are not straight"
There are some grim stories as well:
" Nine executed for Xinjiang riots"
That's it for today.
I hope to take some pictures and collect some stories over the next few days so check back!
Love to all


Anonymous said...

I am using VPN to check your blog.
It is great to see these pictures.
Unfortunately, we can never see the beautiful snow in HK or Guangzhou though I like snow very much..
Do you know who I am??

Anonymous said...

That Buddha is beginning to remind me of me.

Body by Dell...

a chubby TR-HW