Sunday, January 24, 2010

Katz's Deli

There's only one Katz's Deli.
Its on the corner of Ludlow and Houston in the Lower East side of Manhattan.
I had very little time in NYC but I made sure I got my fix of the best tasting heart attack food on the planet.
When you enter they give you a little ticket which you hand over whenever you order something. The guys mark it and hand it back and you surrender it at the door cashier where they tote up the charges. There are signs all over the place warning you not to lose the ticket and to hand it in used or unused.
I have no idea what happens if you lose it, but as is the way of these things, I've often taken extra care to put it away and then forgotten where it is.
Panic-y rummaging through pockets and wallet have always produced a result but the staring unsympathetic eyes of the guys at the door don't bode well for anyone trying to score a freebie.
There's all manner of stuff to gorge on but I go for only one thing: pastrami on rye.
You give the guy doing the carving a buck, he gives you a morsel to eat while he makes you an awesome sandwich.
No its not for the slimming set, but nothing that tastes this good is.
The Lower East side is one of my favorite areas of NYC. It used to be a gritty drug infested hole, but its now home to $3000 a month two room walk ups. Gentrification is well down the path and most of the local wildlife have moved elsewhere.
There's still a bit of local colour and interesting stuff to see though I had very little time this visit to take many pictures.

I'm transiting through London on my way to a Sales conference in the Canary Islands and I had a quick visit with Jess today. She's in great spirits though her pet goat(!) mysteriously dropped dead overnight so the visit started on a somber note.

Not much more to say.

I have to hit the sack as I get up at 4am to catch a 6 am flight in the morning.

Stay well


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Pet Goat? PET GOAT??


P.S That buttie looks scrummy.