Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Melbourne fancies itself the cultured sister to brash Sydney.
I wouldn't say the city is the pinnacle of culture, but I'm hardly an ideal judge.
Though it lacks iconic symbols like the Opera House or beaches of surfers, it has an almost palatable feeling of the positive.
I'm struck by the quality of life evident in the attitude and confidence of everyday people.
There's a sense of contentment rather than smugness and I can't help but think that's a good thing.
There's been some bad press lately concerning violence against Indian immigrants and students, and that's likely to tarnish the city in many eyes. The story is an unfolding one and the honesty to which the papers are holding up a mirror to the problem is evidence ( to me at least) of self examination rather than self-flagellation or defensiveness.
I haven't had much time for pictures or reflection and doubt I'll have an abundance of free time over the next few days.

I feel jet lagged and wilted.

My US duties necessitate some late night conference calls whilst at the same time adjusting to a long over night flight as well as the time difference ( albeit only 3 hours) with Hong Kong.
After a decent night's sleep ce soir I'm sure all will be well.
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Hang in there.... :D