Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hong Kong...My final Saturday

My last Saturday in Hong Kong.
I'm trying to get my head around leaving this place, though truth be known I haven't spent a lot of time here over the past 18 months.
I've been here a grand total of 132 days in that time.
I'll write a bit more about my feelings of this city a little closer to my departure.
I spent a little time today and this evening on the roof of my building.
Its the place I discovered on Chinese New Years and since then I've made my way up there from time to time. Its a great place to sit, smoke a cigarette and pretend to be deep and thought. Here are a few pictures which I hope will give you a sense of the vibe of looking at the city from the 38th floor.
Brooding introspective thoughts are optional.
At night the city looks great regardless of the weather.
When I took these pictures I felt no discomfort.
There are shades of vertigo looking at them now.
That's it for tonight.
I hope the next two days bring you whatever about a weekend is important for you.
Where ever you may be.
Love to all


helter said...

Great postures and great music.H

Anonymous said...

Hey bud! I guess I usually just look at the photographs rather reading the blog. I hadn't realized that you were smoking again.


Anonymous said...

Can't get The Drifters "Up on the roof" out of my head now.